(2008) Sustainable CEO - cover

EXCEL Sustainable CEO Publication - A Collection of Speeches From EXCEL Leaders The 2007 Sustainable CEO forum was held in Calgary on November 6th, in the very beautiful and inspiring Artists of the World Gallery. The theme for the speeches was Value Creation. EXCEL asked the speakers to answer the question: How is a sustainability perspective used in your company to create value? Speakers at the forum provided a great range of perspectives, all from different sectors of the Canadian economy. >>> download PDF file

(2007) Next Decade - cover

A Next Decade Vision for Canadian Corporate Sustainability brief is an example of EXCEL's contribution to the thinking required to successfully navigate the next 10 years of business competitiveness and sustainability performance. The role of role of chief executive officers is to guide their companies, lead them, and provide a vision of success. As such, we challenged three EXCEL partner company CEO's to provide us with their vision of corporate sustainability for the next decade-and in true CEO fashion, they delivered. >>> download PDF file

(2005) Sustainability Lens - cover

A Sustainability Lens for Capital Decisions: A Corporate Sustainability Approach to Reduce Business Risk. This report explores the role a sustainability lens can play in improving risk management and due diligence for capital investments. This report aims to find innovative approaches to address governance issues, trigger points, and a systematic way sustainability can be applied to investment decisions. >>> download PDF file

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