EXCEL 2009 Program

The focus for the EXCEL Partnership 2009 program is on helping members protect their sustainability gains, position themselves around new policy developments or market opportunities, and profit from corporate efforts on environment and social strategy.

2009-Program at a Glance

  • Two Roundtable Workshops
  • Policy Engagement on Corporate Sustainability Competitiveness using the EXCEL: Healthy Climate Platform
  • 10 EXCEL Spotlight Management Briefs
  • CSR Report Benchmarking
  • Enhanced Public Recognition as Sustainability Leaders
  • EXCEL On-Sight Advisory services
  • Facilitated Peer-to-Peer Inquiry
  • EXCEL Tel- Policy and Market Development Teleconference Updates

2009-Program Focus

  1. Protect Investments in Corporate Sustainability - EXCEL's 2009 Program offers insights and tools to protect hard earned reputations for sustainability excellence that Partner companies have garnered.
  2. Position Companies to Leverage Sustainability - Round tables/workshops and Partnership products like 'Spotlight' will focus on how member firms can utilize sustainability strategies for market and competitive advantage.
  3. Delve into New Avenues for Profitability - Sustainability is an emerging paradigm to drive revenue, margins and market share. Thus, EXCEL programming will seek out the most effective ways to drive profitability through sustainability.

2009 - Spring Roundtable - Environmental Policy

Host and Location: Royal Bank - Toronto

Theme: Corporate Strategy Best Practices on Environment Policy Engagement

Issues to Cover

  • Update on Recent Government Environmental Regulations Impacting Companies
  • Continental Clean Energy, Climate Change and Competitiveness -Corporate Leadership from EXCEL Members
  • EXCEL's Healthy Climate Initiative - Engaging the Canadian Federal Government in a Dialogue on Best Practices, and Critical Policy Issues
  • Engaging US Corporate Leaders in a Dialogue on Continental Clean Energy and Climate Change Issues
  • Pew Centre collaboration

2009 - Fall Roundtable: Social Capital - Stakeholder Engagement and New Business Opportunities

Theme: Managing Social Capital for Improved Environmental and Economic Performance

  • How are EXCEL members leveraging stakeholder engagement, social networks, new communication platforms, community consultations/partnerships and customer/employee expectations to advance their company's performance.
    • Case Studies of Best practices from across sectors
    • Real time benchmarking of performance
    • Stakeholder inspired KPIs

2009 EXCEL Spotlight Management Briefs

Theme: Business Intelligence Showcasing where Sustainability Initiatives can Reduce Risk, Reduce Costs, Increase Innovation and Revenue Opportunities.


  1. Sustainability Assurance - is it worth it?
  2. Effectively Partnering with ENGO's
  3. Reducing Supply Chain Costs Through Sustainability
  4. Catalyzing In-House Energy Efficiency
  5. Leveraging Sustainability Performance for a Market Advantage
  6. Catalyzing Innovation through a Sustainability Strategy
  7. Sustainability Indices - Which Ones Matter?
  8. Community Support - What Approaches Work and Reduce Risk?
  9. Streamlining Sustainability Reporting - to Improve Effectiveness and Reduce Costs
  10. New Growth Areas for Business - Related to Sustainability

2009 EXCEL Teleconferences

Teleconference 1 - Ontario's Emerging Climate Change Policy

Teleconference 2 - Update on US Climate Change Policy Development

Teleconference 3 - Materials and Product: Changing for the Better Through Sustainability

Promoting Best in Class Performance for EXCEL members

  1. EXCEL Member CSR Report Review and Benchmarking
  2. EXCEL Real Time Peer Input - Community inquiry option for members
EXCEL Members