EXCEL 2008 Program

For 2008, we are excited to provide what we believe will be a fulsome, value added, and timely program that will support members' efforts to keep their companies competitive and sustainable. At a high level, the program will focus on:

  • A leveraging of EXCEL's connection with the GLOBE Foundation to maximize opportunities at the upcoming GLOBE 2008 conference, to connect members with other sustainability pioneers, at an event which attracts thousands of environment and business experts from around the world.
  • Spring and Fall Roundtables which are structured to provide the learning, executive development and perspective which members are seeking.
  • The EXCEL Partnership Healthy Climate Initiative: a platform for promoting EXCEL companies as leaders in their sectors on climate change and clean air solutions, which also is a vehicle for EXCEL to provide progressive policy insights and analysis which can be presented to government on climate change.
  • Regular management insight and issue-specific analysis through EXCEL Spotlights, plus by request Board briefings by EXCEL leadership on sustainability issues, and customized analysis for members.

Program specifics are described below.

  1. Communications and Policy Engagement: Engagement on Environment Policy with a focus on Climate change and Clean air - promoting EXCEL companies as corporate leaders in their sectors on reducing emissions and providing solutions.

    Develop and introduce a new EXCEL sponsored platform which provides a basis from which to engage the federal and provincial governments on climate and clean air policy - The EXCEL Partnership Healthy Climate Initiative

    A program and platform where EXCEL companies promote and publicize the solutions they offer to climate change and air emissions, making it clear that they are sectoral leaders on the issue. The platform will include case studies and a policy recommendations tool.
  2. EXCEL at GLOBE 2008 (March 12-14 Vancouver) EXCEL events will be held during the conference, including possible meetings with senior level government officials, as well as speaking opportunities for EXCEL members in the conference.

    EXCEL members will meet with Tomorrow's Company at GLOBE: Tomorrow's Company is a group out of the UK, which along with corporate partners is trying to answer the question of what companies will look like in 15 years considering the rise in importance of environmental, social and governance issues. This will take place over dinner on Wednesday March 12th.
  3. EXCEL Roundtables:
    1. A Spring roundtable in Toronto focusing on the "ways and how's" of corporate sustainability integration in companies, and climate change strategies, including the development of EXCEL's Healthy Climate Initiative
    2. A Fall roundtable in Vancouver which focuses on developing the synergies between members on sustainability related management and technical solutions: an EXCEL Environmental Solutions EXPO.
  4. EXCEL Sustainable CEO Forum - present a third annual CEO forum where leaders from EXCEL companies speak to a public audience of corporate sustainability practitioners about how they are leading on sustainability.
  5. EXCEL Political Analysis - In the event of a federal election, EXCEL members will be provided with an in-depth brief on what any changes in the political landscape will mean for companies.
  6. EXCEL Board of Director Support - Members can avail themselves of EXCEL management (John Wiebe or Chris Henderson) to brief Board of Directors on trends and direction related to environment and sustainability issues as they pertain to corporate strategy.
  7. EXCEL Spotlight Topic's for 2008
    1. Supply Chain Sustainability
    2. Human Resources: Making the Sustainability Link
    3. Communicating Sustainability Value - New Media and Mediums
    4. Canadian Election Impacts for Environment Policy
    5. Measuring the Financial Value of Sustainability
    6. Managing Stakeholder Scrutiny
    7. Developing a Positive Internal Culture on Sustainability that Reinforces Business Priorities
    8. Using your EMS to support a Sustainability Strategy
    9. Update on Investor Relations and Shareholder Resolutions around Sustainability Issues
    10. New Thinking on Internal Models for Embedding Sustainability
    11. The Future of Companies (I): What Sustainability Issues will Drive Step Changes on Company Operations
    12. The Future of Companies (II): What Approaches can Companies take to Prepare for a Future that May Necessitate Operational Step Changes due to Sustainability Concerns?
  8. EXCEL Tel - When necessary, or requested by members, a teleconference will be scheduled to either follow up on issues discussed by members, or to discuss a pertinent topic with a stakeholder.
  9. EXCEL CSR/Sustainability Report Review & Feedback - As part of our service to members, a review with written feedback to each company on their respective CSR/sustainability reports released during the year.
EXCEL Members