Teknion is a leading international designer, manufacturer, and marketer of office furniture systems and related goods. Teknion products address the full range of workplace criteria: supporting the complex integration of people and technology; facilitating productivity; and creating effective workplaces for millions of people working in Teknion office environments around the world.

Highlights of our Sustainability Performance

At Teknion, sustainable development is a significant part of our culture, embracing efforts from corporate programs to individual efforts of people on the production line.

Three underlying principles guide our efforts:

  • inform ourselves, each other and the broader community
  • build responsibly through environmental programs
  • advance sustainability in the industry and the world at large by sharing our achievements and initiatives


Teknion is building a knowledge community to pursue more sustainable and efficient methods of business development. Educating ourselves and sharing that knowledge across the organization and with our industry partners has become central to this goal. Teknion does significant work with the Green Building Councils in Canada and the U.S. to promote sustainability concepts and to educate industry professionals seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental) accreditation.


Teknion has implemented several environmental programs in its facilities to direct design, development and production activities. These include:

  • certifying our Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 (which requires accounting of waste creation, energy and water consumption to which annual reduction goals are applied)
  • applying Design for Environment (DfE) guidelines for all new products
  • aligning products and processes to LEED requirements
  • certifying all major product lines to Greenguard and EcoLogo requirements
  • implementing a chain of custody process for working with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood to properly track chain of custody from responsible forester to finished product
  • utilizing sustainable textiles, particularly PLA, a biodegradable fabric derived from corn


Our Environmental Charter articulates measurable goals and objectives that keep us on the path toward sustainability and is updated annually to ensure we regularly review our processes and remain open and responsive to new opportunities for reducing our environmental footprint. Seeking out emerging standards and new research to challenge and broaden the scope of our efforts, as well as participating in collaborative environmental initiatives like the Ontario Environmental Leaders Program ensures continued focus on our goals. We are very proud that our environmental efforts have been recognized with awards from many groups including Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation, Multi-State Working Group on Environmental Performance, and the Globe Awards.

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