Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) produces about half of the electricity Ontario homes, schools, hospitals and businesses rely on each day. Our mission is to generate safe, clean, reliable power in a cost-effective and sustainable manner for the benefit of customers and our shareholder. The company's diversified generating portfolio consists of two nuclear generating stations, two biomass-fueled stations, one thermal station, 65 hydroelectric stations, and one wind power turbine. OPG owns two other nuclear stations, which are leased to Bruce Power L.P. We also co-own, but do not operate, two gas-fired combined cycle generating stations. As of Sept. 30, 2016. OPG's total generating capacity was 17,055 megawatts.

Power with Purpose

OPG strives to deliver value beyond the bottom line - for today and for the future. This means making a difference in the communities where we operate and for the people of Ontario. We call this generating power with purpose.

Here are just some of the ways we are making a difference:

  • More than 99 per cent of the power OPG produces has no greenhouse gas or smog causing emissions.
  • OPG's power is priced 40 per cent lower than other generators, which helps moderate overall rates for Ontario electricity customers.
  • OPG continues to improve the efficiency of its generating stations, invest in infrastructure renewal, and pursue projects to increase generation capacity so that Ontario has the power it needs, when it's needed.
  • OPG is committed to building and growing mutually beneficial working relationships with Indigenous communities near its current and future operations.
  • OPG is a leader in the use of biomass to generate electricity and has implemented biomass fuels at two stations in northwestern Ontario to provide dispatchable, renewable energy.
  • OPG strives to be an engaged and productive community member through its Corporate Citizenship Program, helping to contribute to host community well-being.

Details about OPG's commitment to sustainable operations and its approach to managing its environmental, social and economic impacts can be found in the company's Sustainability Report, available online at: www.opg.com/news-and-media/Pages/reports.aspx

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