Kruger Products

Sustainability 2015 was our first sustainable development program.

Launched in 2010, it aimed to improve our environmental footprint while benefiting the communities in which we operate.

Driven by eight specific targets.

Sustainability 2015 marked our move to a more systematic approach to reducing our environmental impact. We are incorporating sustainability into our products and into every aspect of our operations – all day, every day.

From the way we manage our fibre procurement and engage our local communities to how we use electricity and invest our profits, Kruger Products considers its impact on the natural environment.

"Sustainability 2015 is not a standalone initiative"- Mario Gosselin, CEO

It marked an exciting shift in our philosophical approach, helping us do more to protect our planet. We intend to continue our progress through the introduction of our Sustainability 2020 program set to launch later this year. Our goals are neither trivial nor inexpensive. Rather, they challenge Kruger Products to be creative and committed.

We put our money where our mouth is.

Our financial investment in reducing our ecological footprint is significant. Fortunately, many of our actions will result in long-term savings whether they are due to improved energy intensity, less waste production or a more effective supply chain.

Today's investment in sustainability will help ensure that our children and yours inherit a healthy planet that will nurture their children, too.

Our Progress:

  • FSC Certification: Kruger products was the first Canadian tissue manufacturer to earn FSC Chain of Custody Certification from the Rainforest Alliance
  • 100% of our fibres are third party certified. Fifty-seven percent are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC Certified)
  • We reduced our packaging material b 13%! The weight as this material is the equivalent to the weight of 162 "767" airplanes. Our shipping cases, paper towel and facial tissue cores and facial tissue cartoons are all made from 100% recycled fibre. Many of our packaging materials are recycled where facilities exist.
  • 100+ Certified Products: We added over 60 third-party certified products including FSC certified and/or ECOLOGO certified offerings. Kruger Products offers one of the largest portfolios of third-party certified portfolios in North America and continues to be the leading manufacturer of such products.
  • 15% reduced energy use: Through 2015, we reduced our overall energy consumption by 5% and our Canadian energy consumption by 20%- enough to power over 34,000 Canadian homes.
  • 15% reduced emissions: We reduced overall GHG emissions by 18% and Canadian emissions by 27% by reducing our consumption of traditional energy and increasing our use of alternative and renewable energy. This represents the equivalent of planting 29 million trees.
  • 15% reduced transport emissions: We improved our transportation efficiency by 9%, primarily through increased cube utilization on shipments resulting in improved logistics and shipping efficiencies, and increasing use of lower carbon-emitting modes of transportation, such as rail.
  • 15% reduced water usage: We reduced our overall water consumption by 18% without compromising our wastewater treatment standards. This savings in water is equivalent to over 1800 Olympic swimming pools.
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