Cameco is one of the world's largest uranium producers. We want to bring the multiple benefits of nuclear energy to the world, and we are committed to delivering our products safely and responsibly. There are many names used to describe responsibility: sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, triple bottom line. At Cameco we embrace responsibility and seek to positively affect the communities where we operate, our employees, shareholders and the environment.

Our values

  • Safety and environment
  • People
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

Our commitments:

  • Living a strong safety culture
  • Being a leading safety, health and environmental performer
  • Keeping all risks as low as reasonably achievable
  • Preventing pollution
  • Moving beyond regulatory compliance
  • Ensuring quality
  • Continually improving

Our measures of success:

  • A safe, healthy and rewarding workplace
  • A clean environment
  • Supportive communities
  • Outstanding financial performance
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