Air Canada

Nearly every minute of every day, an Air Canada plane is taking off somewhere. This means that more than 1,300 times a day, in over 180 locations around the world, Air Canada is making an impact, on people, the environment, the economy and the broader community in which it operates. This presents the company and its employees with a unique opportunity to make a positive difference and it is our commitment to ensure we do so.

Our business strategy strives to balance economic, environmental and social considerations. It is quite simple; we believe that a company that considers environmental and social issues in its business

decisions, will make better business decisions. It is the way forward for us to create a more robust enterprise that attracts and retains talented employees and delivers value to our shareholders.

Our commitment to conducting ourselves as a responsible corporate citizen is not new. Throughout our history there have been many examples of Air Canada giving back to the community, providing humanitarian relief and supporting its employees in their efforts to support causes dear to their hearts.

Air Canada is committed to finding and implementing innovative solutions for protecting the environment, and continues to take measurable steps to reduce its impact on the environment. From on-board recycling and in-house green programs to the introduction of more fuel-efficient aircraft, we're continually expanding our efforts to make a difference.


Air Canada's sustainability report can be found here:

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