EXCEL Membership benefits include: 

  • Access to cutting-edge research, analysis, reports, CEO forums, teleconferences, and CSR Report Reviews.
  • Invites to private events featuring executives from companies leading the field of sustainable development.
  • Engagement in senior-level advising, training and professional development.
  • Interact directly with government and policy leaders.
  • Participation in events at the biennial GLOBE Conference in Vancouver.
  • Recognition as a leader in corporate responsibility.
  • Peer support, networking and benchmarking.
  • Spotlight, EXCEL's monthly policy/isse briefs, and other exclusive publications.


Membership Criteria

  • A Corporate Commitment, at the Board and Senior Management Levels, to sustainability: exceeding minimum environmental standards, and seizing business opportunities to develop products, services and processes which reduce environment footprints while increasing competitiveness.
  • A Strategic Approach to Sustainability and Environmental Performance which seeks to integrate environment performance and planning into core business activities.
  • A Track Record of Concrete Results from investment in sustainability that represents tangible value to shareholders and stakeholders.
  • An Openness to Sharing Both the Positive and Negative aspects of corporate environmental management experience with other EXCEL Members.
  • A Broad, Long-Term Business Outlook which integrates environmental and sustainability factors into capital stock decision-making, operational management and product life cycle management.


For information on becoming a member, please contact:

Ted Ferguson
Vice-President, The Delphi Group
TEL 613.562.2005


EXCEL Members