Mission and Goals

The EXCEL Partnership aims to be a change agent for business models of sustainable development.

  1. Focus on continuous improvement of our performance;
  2. Collaborate and the share knowledge with each other;
  3. Stimulate and encourage innovation and leadership;
  4. Continuous improvement of our performance.


These goals motivate every EXCEL member. They also influence the EXCEL Partnership structure and activities and provide the basis for business models for sustainable development. The results speak for themselves:

  • Since 1996, EXCEL and its member companies have exemplified corporate sustainability in Canada;
  • EXCEL companies have been recognized as corporate sustainability leaders through the DJSI, GLOBE Awards, WBCSD and other organizations;
  • EXCEL has benefited from numerous opportunities to influence business and environment thinking on the part of business leaders, capital markets, government ministers and officials and international environment organizations;

A powerful interactive peer group for senior environmental and other corporate executives, members of EXCEL:

  • Exchange ideas and experiences to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate environmental and sustainable development activities;
  • Interact with high-level federal government officials and ministers to promote public policy in recognition of corporate environmental excellence;
  • Assess and share knowledge on innovative practices with leading North American and European corporate sustainability practitioners;
  • Engage with and influence capital-market leaders to promote the concept of share value that rewards environmental performance;
  • Develop the business case on how sustainable development leadership delivers tangible results for shareholders, and
  • Benchmark performance against a peer group of companies to maintain competitiveness.
EXCEL Members