Management Team

Christopher Henderson, Chairman, The Delphi Group

Christopher Henderson is Founder and Chairman of The Delphi Group, Canada's leading strategic consulting firm in the environment and clean energy sectors headquartered in Ottawa.  He currently leads Lumos Energy, and has been a senior advisor, partner and Board member to numerous clean energy companies over the past 18 years. 

For nearly two decades Chris has been a tireless advocate for business and societal sustainability. His efforts have been made as an individual, a professional consultant, a public speaker, and a member of numerous civil society organizations. Chris' impact has changed and influenced a wide array of sustainability issues. He is widely acknowledged nationally and globally as one of Canadas foremost thinkers on sustainability innovation, notably in the areas of: Business, Environment and Competitiveness; Health and the Environment; Environmental Technologies and Markets; Environment and Sustainability Policy, and Clean Energy and Climate Change. Chris not only advocates the business and societal sustainability principles, but he has also proven that these concepts are possible to implement.

As managing director of the EXCEL Partnership, Chris has championed many business and sustainability activities associated with this initiative. He enables the exchange of ideas and experiences to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate environmental and sustainable development activities.


Ted Ferguson, President, The Delphi Group

As President of The Delphi Group, Ted ensures Delphi's services are tailored to client needs and offer the optimal business solutions to sustainability issues. He provides strategic advice and guidance on sustainability and carbon issues, and oversees Delphi's popular sustainability performance benchmarking services.

Ted has over 20 years of experience working with leading-edge companies, government initiatives and non-government organizations to bridge the gap between short-term business needs and longer-term energy and environmental concerns. Almost half of his experience has been with Delphi, working for a wide range of clients across numerous sectors including: electricity, oil and gas, food and beverage, financial, telecommunications, manufacturing and transportation. He has delivered dozens of strategies for clients, and continues to work with many of them on ensuring successful implementation.

On behalf of Delphi, Ted also provides strategic leadership to The EXCEL Partnership (, a corporate leadership forum dedicated to corporate sustainability issues that includes members from 18 of Canada's most influential companies.

Prior to joining Delphi, Ted worked for BC Hydro, where he was responsible for corporate sustainability strategy, policy engagement on carbon regulations, and climate change risk management. He also helped develop the first set of rules and guidelines for the international emission markets while working at Foreign Affairs Canada.

Ted has a Master of Environmental Studies and Economics degree from the University of Northern British Columbia and an Honours undergraduate degree from Trent University.

Beyond Delphi, Ted leads an active and engaged life with his wife and two boys. He is club secretary for Velo MSM, a group of mountain bikers creating trails at Mont Ste Marie in Quebec. Ted is also the volunteer greening coordinator for the public school his boys are at in Ottawa.

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